The basic error of the police in case the Russians cut off hands


www.vsyako.netMargaret Graciette: page Margarita Gracheva in “Vkontakte”

The newspaper “Kommersant” published an Annex to the reply of the government of Russia submitted to the European court of human rights (ECHR) after the call to Strasbourg four women complained to the authorities ‘ inability to protect them from domestic violence. The document describes the basic errors in the work of the security forces, a statement of Margarita Gracheva, where a husband chopped off hands.

In particular, it contains the conclusion of GU Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across Moscow region, where Grachev complained about the inaction of the police Serpukhov. Clarifies that on 11 November 2017 mother of the woman told the security forces about the threats and beating up daughter’s husband. The assistant on duty made a report about detection of signs of crime, but the fact of the beating and threats did not made, limiting the words: “the daughter’s Husband threatens her.” Later, the police officer interviewed Grachev and took her statement, but the presence in the document of the fact of beating was not controlled.

The ex-husband of Margarita Gracheva took her into the woods in December 2017 and cut her hands because she wanted a divorce. After it happened, he brought her to the hospital. There doctors were able to restore the left hand of the fragments that the police found at the scene, the right hand had to form a stump. She went to Germany for rehabilitation and prostheses. Before the tragedy, she repeatedly contacted the police, but her complaint to her husband ignored. In 2019 she appealed to the ECHR.

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