The father found in the basement 10 years the Russians revealed their version of events


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Found in the basement of one of the dormitories of the city Karasuk, Novosibirsk region, 10-year-old girl, according to some, found in the cell, did not run away from home because of a quarrel with their parents. This was reported by the girl’s father Eugene in conversation with TV channel “360”.

“She went to music school, then from school I went home and never came back because it was an emergency, that it was closed in the room. She couldn’t get out,” said Eugene, adding that his daughter is already at home. Who closed the girl and what room, the man said.

Earlier it was reported that 10-year-old resident of Karasuk found in a cage in the basement of one of the dormitories two days after the disappearance. To find the girl helped the dog Alex the dog Brine. He noticed in the basement space under the floor — there was a child. According to investigators, the girl did not return home because of quarrels with their parents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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