The Japanese became a pornographic actress in ‘ 81 and found happiness



A resident of Japan YUKO Ogasawara (Ogasawara Yuko) said that three years ago, at 81 years old, decided to become a pornographic actress. On its formation in industry porn Japanese woman said in an interview with the online edition of AERA dot. According to the woman, a new job helped her to find happiness.

Ogasawara is one of the older Actresses in Japanese porn. She starred in the films Ruby, which specializiruetsya on videos with actors over the age of 50. According to the publication, the main consumers of such video men 60-90 years. In this case, the partners Ogasawara shots are often young people.

Old Japanese woman noted that, despite his advanced age, I’m glad this kind of work, and even began to do regular physical exercises to maintain yourself in good shape. She believes that the secret of her cheerfulness and vitality — in constant communication and interaction with young people both on set and off.

Ogasawara was born in 1938 in the family insurance agent and a housewife. She was educated, married and had children. Due to illness her husband died at the age of 59 years. Widowed, a woman a few months did not leave the house, but thanks to the help of his mother and sisters decided to continue to actively communicate with people and to travel. A couple of years the woman became the owner of the bar, where he worked until advanced age.

Porn Ogasawara came at the suggestion of one of the constant visitors of the institution. At first the Japanese refused, then the client under the pretext of lunch brought familiar on the set. After that visit, the Japanese realized that also wants to participate in the project. She admitted that after her husband’s death and before becoming a pornographic actress she’s not spending time with any man.

Formerly known pornographic actress Lisa Ann (Lisa Ann) complained of annoying fans. According to her, after retiring, men persistently offering her money for sex, taking as a prostitute.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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