The overthrow of the Iranian government considered the key to ending wars


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The overthrow of the Iranian government considered the main key to ending the war and establishing stability in the middle East. This was written by the President and member of the Board of Directors of the organization “Iranian-American majority” Peter Khanlou and Ben Tabatabai in his column for the New York Post.

The authors note that four years ago during the presidential election the current leader Donald trump promised to protect US from costly and protracted wars in the middle East. However, the situation in the region does not allow Washington “to admit the superiority of the Islamic Republic”, which is the source of conflict. Therefore, the President should come up with a new way to stop the perpetual wars.

According to the authors, the only option is to overthrow the Iranian regime. “Otherwise, Iran will continue to wreak instability that will inevitably draw us back to war,” the article reads.

It is alleged that the Iranians should overthrow the government. “The challenge for Washington is to help them to do it,” the authors conclude.

Earlier, the Rightful heir of Shah Pahlavi, Prince Reza, also appealed to Iranians for regime change.

The police of Iran has accused of shooting at protesters. Demonstrations began in the country in light of the fact that Tehran three days concealed his involvement in the crash of the Ukrainian aircraft Boeing 737-800. The police chief of Tehran has denied accusations of firing on protesters.

The Iranian authorities on 11 January said that the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 aircraft was shot down accidentally. The cause of the crash was named as the human factor. The Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif explained that the mistake was made in a period of crisis because of the “adventurism” of the United States.

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