The star of the 1990s threatened his wife over unpaid mortgage


www.vsyako.netRoma Jukoffka: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Russian singer, former soloist of group “the Marshal” Roman Zhukov wanted to deprive his wife Elena two-bedroom apartment in Moscow. This was stated by the woman herself, writes Cosmopolitan.

Property purchased in the mortgage, which pays the star of the 1990s. Some time ago, he threatened his children and wife that will no longer service the loan, and transferred it to the next amount only when Elena got a call from the Bank with notice of the impending eviction due to nonpayment of the loan.

“Papa Roma wanted to evict us from the apartment in which I do the repair, the woman said. — The apartment was transformed. But living in this apartment for the kids, not him. This, apparently, pissed him off and hurt. For this apartment and he pays the loan. We decided to take revenge, he told the children that pay for it and we will not then be evicted”.

When singer still made the payment, he is, according to Elena, did not fail showed that before children — I wrote them SMS, noting that they should thank him.

Zhukov lived with his wife of 13 years, the couple have six children. In August of 2018, all property of the stars of the 1990s, was arrested on the initiative of Helena. She went on this measure, to exclude the possibility of the sale of the property before the dissolution of the marriage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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