The teenager took video of the swim and saved them from the killer


A teenager in the Australian city of Forster the state of New South Wales, thanks to Drona noticed are swam to swimmers great white shark and saved them. This publication reports The Sun.

17-year-old Cameron grace rested in Forster with the family. Monday, January 13, he flew his quadcopter over the beach main beach, and noticed in the video the great white shark, also known as the man-eater, with a length of two and a half meters. Predatory fish were hiding just a few metres from two young swimmers. Young people do not see her.

Grace spoke about what he saw his aunt Rachel Walter (Rachel Walter), which ran into the water and warned swimmers of the danger.

“I couldn’t just sit and watch, not knowing what will happen next. I ran into the water and waved to the boys so they were out on the shore. They did not understand what was happening,” said Walter.

13 January it was reported that rescuers on Australia’s West coast was looking for a victim in the jaws of a great white shark 57-year-old diver and found three of her relatives, eating the body of 21-year-old man. A resident of Perth rested on a Twilight beach with friends and fell into the water, the currents were too strong, and swept into the ocean.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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