The woman defied doctors and gave birth to a healthy son


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A resident of the English County of Essex defied the advice of doctors, did a dangerous operation and gave birth to a healthy son. Reported by the Daily Mail.

26-year-old Nicola Guinness (Guinness Nicola), a resident of the English County Essex, was born with two uteruses, divided skin partition. In eight years of trying to become a mother she had six miscarriages. “The doctors said I would never be able to give birth,” she said.

Guinness started looking for alternative ways to have a baby and even asked her sister to become a surrogate mother. Soon, however, the surgeon told her that a skin partition, you can delete, but not recommended for this operation as it could lead to infertility. Guinness did not listen to the doctor and in October of 2018 decided to do a complicated operation. Eight months later, Nicola and her boyfriend Anthony Latta (Latta Anthony) learned that you’re expecting.

January 10 came to light a healthy baby boy named Reggie. The child was born a month early via C-section, but his life and health is not in danger. “It’s perfect. I can’t get enough and believe that he really came to light after so many attempts,” — shared Guinness.

She told me that she encountered some difficulties during the pregnancy, but all ended well. “Deciding on the surgery was difficult because I did not receive the support and approval of doctors. But I have never given up the dream to become a mother, and I am happy that has not ceased to fight” — confessed Guinness.

Earlier it was reported about 62-year-old resident of China who gave birth to a healthy child in spite of a long list of diseases. She decided in late pregnancy after the death of his son.

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