Thousands of girls prepared to tolerate the billionaire gases for flight to the moon


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More than 20 thousand women have applied to go through a rigorous selection process to become a beloved Japanese billionaire yūsaku Maezawa. The winner will travel with the businessman on a flight around the moon. As reported by AsiaOne, in the questionnaire participants were tested on a willingness to tolerate gases billionaire.

Data on the number of contestants has led AbemaTV streaming service that will broadcast television shows. According to Maezawa, he wanted to find a single for a serious relationship.

Questionnaires that asked to fill in the potential participants of the project included a series of questions to test compatibility with the preferences of the protagonist. The girls asked where they went if they have been a private plane. “If Maezawa will farting in front of you, what would you tell him?” — read another question. Each response is evaluated by the image expression on the face of billionaire — joyful or sad.

On start of casting became known in early January. In the TV show called Full Moon Lovers will be able to participate girls at the age of 20 years. Preference will be given to the “bright personality”. It is planned that the billionaire will spend a few dates with contenders. Potential partner he chooses in March 2020.

44-year-old Maezawa — designer and founder of online clothing store Zozo. Forbes estimates his fortune at two billion dollars. He will become the first space tourist, who will travel to the orbit of the moon. Organizes flight of SpaceX, the company of American businessman Elon musk. In September 2019, the Japanese billionaire has sold a controlling stake in their company and resigned as CEO.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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