Ukrainian military found the descendant of the founder of Donetsk in the basement of the Cossacks in DNR


www.vsyako.netBogdan and Victoria Pantushenkova: page Victoria Pastushenko in Facebook

Ukrainian military Bogdan Panasenko returning from the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) in the exchange of detained persons between Moscow and Kiev, said that sitting in a basement with a British citizen and a descendant of the founder of Donetsk. Interview with Pastushenko published on the website of “Ukrainian truth”.

Pastushenko said that in 2015, his tank was hit near Spartak, then the fighters took Donetsk to the Cossacks, who put them in the basement. With them sat a British COP ed. He claimed that he is a descendant of the industrialist John Hughes, who is considered the founder of Donetsk.

“A COP came to see what was happening in the city. Was in the car with photographic equipment. Everything was taken away and kept in the basement,” says tanker. Then, according to him, the Briton was released, saying that will take out the Russian border.

Pastushenko also said that the Cossacks saw people who “called themselves the Russian military personnel said that they had come to help the brothers.”

In addition, the soldier in the interview he compared the Ukrainian tanks Kharkov plant in 2014 with the designer “LEGO” because they were without towers and trucks.

A major prisoner exchange took place on December 29. Kiev received 76 people, the Donetsk passed 60 people, Lugansk — 63.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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