Hanging on the wall Russian boy regretted his salvation


www.vsyako.netPhotos: Overheard Ozersk / “VKontakte”

Child hanging on the wall in the city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region, said caught the man by the name of Philip, that he regretted his salvation. This writes the project “the Rise”.

According to Philippe, he noticed a seven year old boy, clinging to the brick house, when he went to work. Philip approached him and began to tell the child how to get down. The boy got to the second floor, but then began to fall.

Philip failed to catch him, but he softened the blow. He took the boy to the hospital, doctors discovered he had serious injuries. On the way to medical institution the child said he did not want to live and wanted to fall.

Later the staff of the division of the interior Ministry on Affairs of minors explained that the boy’s family is dysfunctional. Previously the pipe was already down the elder brother of the child and the son of his stepfather. “Mother has them, my stepfather pulled by the ears, whatever else happens, alas, we do not know” — said Philip.

Were in the hospital waiting room to a local resident confirmed to the edition of the complaint of the boy on the battery. According to her, the child wanted to walk and his parents were not allowed .

Earlier it became known that the inhabitant of St.-Petersburg dragged six-year-old daughter’s hair, shaved her head and tried to pull teeth. She was admitted to the hospital with multiple injuries and bruises.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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