Lived in the Kremlin, the Russian woman said about Stalin and repression


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

The daughter and niece of the first party leaders of Georgia and Armenia, the daughter of Anastas Mikoyan 91-year-old Nami Mikoyan, who lived on the territory of the Kremlin, told about meetings with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and the repressions of 1937. The memories she shared with the correspondent “”.

According to Mikoyan, she personally saw Stalin a few times. “One day he came to the country to Beria in Gagra. In the evening all ran, the turmoil started, we children were sent to the house where the maid lived, and someone whispered: “Stalin goes”, — told the interlocutor of the edition. — The Windows in the dining room of the main house, the curtains were shut tightly, and we stood on tiptoe to turn to look at Stalin.”

She noted that the then leader of the Soviet Union came together with his daughter, Svetlana, with which they then spent two days.

Also Mikoyan remembered how Stalin saw in the theater. “He was usually in bed, but always in-depth, ahead — never,” she explained.

The expert added that Stalin “left the impression of a strong man and was probably them.” While Mikoyan noted that the repression that began in the country in 1937, was not only the fault of Stalin. “In Tbilisi, when I was arrested and my father died, it’s not Stalin, it is a system which allows to kill unwanted people… isn’t there A remove those who obstruct? Or now only those who did not interfere?” she explained.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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