Putin called for on the war three-dimensional panorama in St. Petersburg


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the framework of the events dedicated to the Day of break of blockade of Leningrad, examined the exposure of three-dimensional panorama “Memory says. The road through the war.” On Saturday, 18 January, reports TASS.

As noted, the new exhibition, which consists of eight halls, the Russian leader held the author of the project Dmitry Poshtarenko.

According to him, the main feature of this panorama is that at its creation were used the original items of wartime and models of military equipment in full size. In addition, said Poshtarenko, the prototype of many figures that can be seen at the exhibition, were real people who lived during the great Patriotic war. The scenes of the exhibition based on the memories of veterans and archival data.

The opening of a three-dimensional panorama “Memory says. The road through the war” was held in September 2019. The new facility is located on the territory of St. Petersburg cultural space “Sevkabel Port”. Panorama allows the visitor to see the path of a Soviet soldier from the walls of his home to the Reichstag. Each episode is a separate historical event with its plot and main characters.

The creation of such a panorama in St. Petersburg in January 2018 was supported by Putin personally. The project was implemented through a presidential grant for the development of civil society in the amount of 40.9 million rubles.

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