Named the most harmful sleep habits


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Doctor sleep Alena Gavrilova was named the most dangerous sleep habits in an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.

One of the most harmful habits Gavrilova called the use of gadgets before bedtime and falling asleep under the TV. The doctor explained that the flashing and the blue light reduces melatonin levels — the hormone that regulates circadian rhythm and, as a consequence, responsible for sleep. Preview dream fighters, action-Packed movies and programs causes the body to produce stress hormones, which he aktiviziruyutsya.

Specialist also advised before bedtime do not overeat and not to eat tightly, and avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, particularly coffee and tea. At the same time to go to bed hungry and not worth it. “The ideal would be an easy, low-calorie snack,” she said. Regarding alcohol, the doctor said that small doses can benefit, however great his number will only worsen the quality of sleep.

In addition, Gavrilov denied the use of intense physical exertion, such as going to the gym for a few hours before bedtime. “The first phase after exercise — activation of the body, which lasts just about four hours. After the decline begins, during which sleep well”, she explained. At the same time, a small walk before going to bed Vice versa will be useful.

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