440-pound athlete wanted to find a 100-pound wife


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440-pound Pakistani strongman, Arbab Heather Khayat (Arbab Khizer Hayat) announced the desire to find a wife. As informs edition Daily Mail, the United States must weigh at least 100 pounds.

27-year-old Hayat said that over the past few years refused more than two hundred girls because they were too skinny for him. Biff worries that can crush a potential wife if she would be too fragile. “My parents want me married. They want grandchildren, but I’m not looking for a game,” he explained.

In addition to the weight for a Pakistani and an important growth future wife. As he Khayat growth of 198 centimetres, he wished to find a companion not below the 193 centimetres, so they “look good together”.

Strongman expects future wife’s ability to cook. Pakistani claims that consumes the day of 10 thousand calories. Only for Breakfast he eats 36 eggs, and then during the day consumes three kilos of meat, five liters of milk and a few bowls of rice. The athlete claims that he has no health problems.

Hayat participates in international competitions weightlifters and strongmen. He became famous thanks to a video in which the tractor pulls on the rope, and considered the strongest man in Pakistan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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