Doctors saved the Russian polutorachasovoj with a tumor in the uterus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @okb_kemerovo

Kemerovo medical doctors saved the patient in the uterus which is found almost polutorametrovuyu tumor intramural fibroids. On Monday, January 20, according to a Instagram account Kemerovo regional clinical hospital.

The tumor weight of 1380 grams was benign, but press on adjacent organs. 47-year-old patient suffered from bleeding, decreased hemoglobin levels, and varicose veins of the small pelvis, and also suffered from severe pain.

“The surgery was used the most modern equipment — endovideoscopic stand with a three-dimensional image (surgery the surgeons in special glasses, creating the effect of full immersion – 3D), — stated in the message. The high — definition picture allows the surgeon to see small structures”. In the end, the patient got rid of the tumor.

In December of 2019, it was reported that Russian doctors have saved a three-month old girl with a tumor on the tongue. A tumor with a diameter of three centimeters threatened the life of a child — she could suffocate. The doctors were able to completely preserve the structure of the language, the girl breathes freely and can eat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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