Flight attendants shared the secrets of his personal life


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Flight attendants from different airlines shared the secrets of his personal life. About the relationship with colleagues, they told the website Reddit. The thread drew the attention of the publication Daily Express.

Thus, according to one anonymous flight attendants, she met future husband, the commander of the aircraft during its maiden flight. “Our meeting was very unexpected, because I never welcomed relationships with colleagues. But this time, I am very much in love, and now after two months we’re getting married” — said the representative of the aviation industry.

Another lady added that it is easier to meet with those who are sympathetic to her schedule. “Business day may last more than 15 hours and to begin at two o’clock in the morning. My partner understands that sometimes we have to be far away from each other, and supports me in difficult situations. He even cooks me dinner if I have a double shift. I got really lucky with him,” said the stewardess.

Another girl talked about the difficulties of relations with other flight attendants. “I met a guy who was also a flight attendant. It’s hard. Because of our lifestyle we could not see each other for weeks,” she said.

In June 2019, former flight attendant, who preferred to remain anonymous, told about the worst part of the work of flight attendants. According to the girl, the unbearable in the profession is a constant fatigue. “When the whole world is your office, you lose sleep. Especially at long distances,” explained the girl.

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