On your favorite Islands, the Russians imposed restrictions on alcohol


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dani Cardona / Reuters

The popular resorts of the Balearic Islands have imposed restrictions on the implementation and supply of alcohol in public places. The relevant law adopted by the local government, reported on the website of the Association of tour operators of Russia.

Speech, in particular, tourist areas of Playa de Palma and Magaluf in Mallorca, previously recognized as one of the most beloved Russians Islands as well as San Antonio in Ibiza.

It banned unlimited supply of alcoholic beverages in hotels, including those working on system “all inclusive”. Under the new policy, guests will now be offering no more than three such positions for lunch and dinner, the alcohol will have to be paid separately.

In addition, the local bars and restaurants imposed a ban on alcohol advertising, promotions to stimulate consumption (e.g., “happy hours”, “two drinks for the price of one”) and “excursions” at drinking establishments and other entertainment, which include drinks. In addition, it is planned to limit the sale of alcohol from 21:30 to 08:00 in stores.

It is believed that thus the authorities intend to deal with the “drunken tourism”. Agencies violating the new requirements face a fine in the amount from 6 thousand to 600 thousand euros, or a temporary suspension of activities for up to three years.

In October last year it became known that the Russians often fly to Cyprus, Bali and Phuket, they were the most visited Islands among Russian tourists. They account for 58 percent of all island bookings. In addition, Russian tourists often fly to Tenerife on average for 29 thousand roubles, and also to Mallorca for 23 thousand rubles.

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