Prime Minister of Ukraine complained of “scoundrels and scum” in government


www.vsyako.netAlexey Goncharuk Photo: RIA Novosti

Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk said that in the organs of state power are “scoundrels and scum”. He told about it on air of TV channel “Ukraine 24”, video available in YouTube.

“Of course, many officials, a lot of villains and scum working in the public authorities. Of course, we all cleaned up, not all reached,” — said the head of government.

Goncharuk said that most of these civil servants live in great discomfort. According to him, they either have already lost or will soon lose their corruption schemes.

He added that Ukrainian officials daily launder millions of dollars. In this Goncharuk admitted that the fight against corruption in government led to the emergence of a large number of enemies who want to “sow discord”.

Goncharuk head of the Ukrainian government on 29 August 2019. On Friday, February 17, he resigned after a scandal over the wiretapping of the meeting, which criticized President Vladimir Zelensky. However, the President decided to “give the premiere a chance.” He opposed the resignation of the entire Cabinet, noting that now is not the time to destabilize the country economically and politically.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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