Prophetic dream brought the woman wealth


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Virginia Lottery

A resident of the city of Petersburg, Virginia, entered in a lottery ticket seen in a dream the numbers and hit the jackpot. This publication reports the UPI.

A few years ago, rose Jeter (Jeter Rose) saw in a dream the numbers 7-12-14-21-27. American memorized and used when playing the lottery. This is the combination she entered in a lottery ticket that I bought to 31 December 2019 the drawing.

As a result, the Jeter hit the jackpot in 100 thousand dollars (about 6.2 million). Lottery representatives reported that the chance of winning was one of 278 to 256.

Earlier it was reported about the American, hitting the jackpot in the lottery by typing in the ticket numbers with numbers for someone else’s car. He won 50 thousand dollars (about three million) and plans to give part of the amount of the daughter, and the rest save for the future.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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