She has returned from vacation and faced with a live snake



The inhabitant of Tula have returned from vacation and was confronted in the bathroom of his apartment with a live snake. It is reported by news portal “First Tula”.

She has told that on Sunday, January 19, she found crawling on the toilet a snake and called for help son. He called representatives of the Tula Exotarium. The experts inspected the apartment and found the reptile. By the pictures they suggested that in the toilet crept corn snake.

The apartment owners went through the house in search of snakes and warned the neighbors that it can crawl the reptile. Residents were concerned that the individual may die from cold or become food for rats. Employees of the zoo asked residents of the house not to kill the snake, and cover it with a bucket or rag and call specialists.

In 2019 in the Russian city of Perm in an apartment in one of the buildings entered a four-foot Python and sowed panic. The rescuers thought that a snake could get to the toilet through the sewers, but none of the occupants of the house never admitted that he kept in the apartment for Python.

Corn snake — non-poisonous snake living mainly in the corn fields, forest clearings and abandoned buildings in the South-Eastern United States. Considered one of the most popular reptiles for breeding, as undemanding and tolerates captivity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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