The bill Putin found an opportunity to save the government


www.vsyako.netPhoto: press-service of administration of the President of the Russian Federation

Amendments to the Constitution, submitted to the Duma by President Vladimir Putin, contain rules that allow to keep government members on their positions in case of resignation of the Prime Minister. About this owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC said a member of the Federation Council Andrei Klishas, a co-chair of the working group on the elaboration of amendments.

Thus, the Senator confirmed the position of the bill Putin, according to which article 83 of the Constitution that defines the powers of the President, included the following paragraph: “if the Prime Minister released by the Russian President from office, the newly appointed Prime Minister is not the President of the Russian Federation proposals on the structure of the Federal bodies of Executive power”. Now the Russian government in case of resignation of the Prime Minister entirely relinquishes its powers.

A presidential bill amending the Constitution was submitted to the Duma on 20 January. The Council of the state Duma and the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation will consider it the 21st of January, then will be determined the date of the first reading. The second reading could take place in February.

The draft law provides for the adjustment of the 22 articles of the Constitution. Among the proposed changes was the establishment of a minimum wage not below the subsistence level, the transfer of the state Duma and approval authority of candidates for the posts of Prime Minister and members of government, enshrined in the basic law the role of the state Council and the restriction of two terms of one and the same person as President. The document provides for its imposition on the national ballot, which, according to sources, may be held in April.

Vladimir Putin announced a plan to change the Constitution in the address to the Federal Assembly on 15 January. According to journalists and political analysts, the reform may actually strengthen all the institutions of power of Russia and to help Putin to retain power after presidential term in 2024.

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