The man was frightened to death and dropped 50 pounds in a year


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Amri Rahim

A resident of Malaysia was afraid of death and in a year I lost 50 pounds. It is reported by Asia One.

Two years ago, Rahima Amri (Amri Rahim), a 43-year-old Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctors warned man that if he will not change the lifestyle that put their health at risk.

At the end of 2017 Rahim was in the hospital because of a critically high blood sugar levels. Then he was afraid for his life and decided to change it. “On the day of discharge from the hospital I immediately went Hiking for a half-hour walk through the area. I was full of energy and determined to change,” — said the Malaysian.

Prior to that, Rahim led a sedentary lifestyle and ate a lot of calories, while physical activity was not easy for him. However, after a few weeks he completely refused from the junk food and carbonated drinks, began to visit the gym and run a lot. Surprising doctors and friends, for eight months of Rahim dropped about 40 pounds. His weight returned to normal.

Now the man feels, as never before, healthy and full of energy. In October of 2019, he ran a distance of 42 kilometres in the Melbourne marathon and very proud of his success.

Friends and family are in awe of the changes that have occurred with Rahim. They are happy that he finally began to take care of your health. A man gets a lot of compliments on social networks and do not hesitate to share the history of weight loss. “I want to be a person who encourages a healthy lifestyle and motivating others. It all depends on you, find the strength to take the first step towards the goal,” said Rahim.

Earlier it was reported about the inhabitant of the USA who was able to lose over 150 pounds. The man began to visit the gym seven times a week and dieting. He admitted that losing weight has helped him believe in himself and finally feel like a man.

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