The Russians called the quick ways to break the car in the winter


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Some habits of Russian drivers in winter cause serious damage to the machine and lead to the fact that it breaks down quickly.
Their auto Ilya Pimenov listed in his article in the magazine “Behind the wheel”.

The most harmful habit, he called the start with the engine cold, noting that even the most modern car requires at least a minimal warm-up, especially in the cold season. Five minutes it is enough, moreover, that the SDA provides for fines for Parking with the engine on in the yard. The expert noted that in the first few minutes better to move slowly and smoothly.

The second method is to start with a space “with a spin” and abruptly slow down for the sake of entertainment. This leads to rapid tire wear, wheel bearings, clutch, or clutch. Sudden braking spoil the brake system and suspension.

Pimenov recommended to avoid the so-called COP’s turn, when the braking is used the handbrake. The use of conventional Parking brake for such tricks, he called the humiliation that ends with failure including brake calipers, automatic transmission, CVT.

The author pointed to the need to wash the car in winter, because the remaining body reagents provoke corrosion. “Because of the mud are oxidized contacts, faster deteriorating insulation layer of electrical wires. The dirt gets into all the cavities, including friction parts are running,” he said.

Avtoekspert called the habit to put the vehicle in a snowdrift. According to him, such long-term Parking “kills” not only the electrics, suspension, drivetrain and brakes, but even the interior trim, plastic, rubber and metal parts. After a long time in the snow Pimenov advised to add in fuel tank with new petrol, as old partially loses its properties in this situation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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