The terrorist ISIS has led Norway to the collapse of the government


www.vsyako.netThe Prime Minister of Norway, Erna, Albergotto: Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

The progress party of Norway left the government because of a woman, associated with a terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). She was allowed to return to the country, which actually led to the collapse of the government, reports Dagbladet.

We are talking about terrorist and her two children, whom Norwegian authorities were allowed to emigrate from Iraq. This caused dissatisfaction among the members of the government and the broader Norwegian citizens.

“Many believe that she used a sick child as a shield to return to Norway. And many are unhappy with this”, — said the leader of the progress party SIV Jensen, who is also Finance Minister.

Members of the party threatened to withdraw from the government: according to them, the decision to return the woman and children in Norway was taken in circumvention of the government. It is argued that the case close to the IG a woman was the “last straw”: before, between the progress Party and other members of the government was a lot of controversy.

Earlier it was reported that Prime Minister Erna Solberg allowed terrorist check, can pay for this position. Due to the withdrawal from the coalition government of the progress Party, Solberg will be forced to call early elections in the country.

29-year-old Norwegian citizen and moved to Syria in 2013, where he married his compatriot, who became the militants of the IG. She bore him two children. The couple lived in Syria, however, the man died and the woman decided to return home. Prior to that, she and the children lived in the refugee camp of al-Hole in the North-East of Syria. On arrival in Norway is arrested, and the children will appoint a guardian.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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