Tyson fury has offered their rules for a fight with MMA fighter


www.vsyako.netTyson Fury Photo: Vit Simanek / Globallookpress.com

British heavyweight boxer Tyson fury made that will be released in the cage against the fighter of the mixed style (MMA) and proposed rule a possible confrontation. His words are quoted by ESPN.

“I would not like to fight by rules MMA: lying on the floor and all that. But not against a fight with one of the Champions in small gloves. Maybe in a cage, but according to the rules of Boxing. With gloves, like in the UFC,” said 31-year-old boxer. The heavyweight also added that after the victory over the American DevTeam Wilder intends to hold a meeting with the President of UFC Deyna white and to discuss the potential match.

On 14 January, the Briton talked about his preparation for the second fight against Wilder. In particular, fury said that to maintain the level of testosterone, it seven times a day masturbating.

The second fight between fury and Wilder will be held in Las Vegas February 22, 2020. The first battle took place in December 2018. Heavyweights fought for the title of world champion in heavy weight under versions of the world Boxing Council (WBC). The game ended in a draw.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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