Ukrainian Railways predicted under the control of the Germans


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The Ukrainian railway carrier Ukrzaliznytsia, in cooperation with German rail operator Deutsche Bahn could invite the leaders of Germany. Such an assumption in the article on the portal “Economic truth” was expressed by the President of the Ukrainian Center for agricultural logistics and infrastructure Vladislav the Bellamy.

It is predicted that the transition of Ukrainian Railways under the control of the Germans will happen after the signing of the Memorandum on strategic cooperation. In it Germany will provide technical and managerial assistance to Ukraine.

The delegation from Europe visited Ukraine last week. According to the forthcoming document, the first step in Deutsche Bahn will conduct an audit and develop a plan for the development of the Ukrainian company. At the same time will create a contractual basis upon which German experts will be able to work in the “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

The Bellamy expressed the hope that we are not talking about the consultants, and the heads of departments. In his opinion, otherwise, Deutsche Bahn would not take part in the project, because there is no need to upgrade the operating company, and try to save a dilapidated and are in perennial crisis.

The expert noted that the current government of Ukraine’s ambitious plans for the development of the carrier, but now the company significantly reduce car fleet and loses professionals. If we do not implement emergency measures, he said, the company will collapse.

Earlier “Ukrzaliznytsya” became the first Ukrainian state-owned company, which has announced plans to enter the foreign stock market. The Chairman of the Board of “Ukrainian Railways” Evgeny Kravtsov promised that the preparatory period will take more than three years.

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