Wedding best friend helped heterosexual man to avoid tax


www.vsyako.netMatt Murphy and Michael O Salivanchuk: video Ruptly / YouTube

Died a resident of County Tipperary Irish Matt Murphy (Matt Murphy), which in 2017 are married to your best friend to avoid the payment of the final inheritance tax. This publication reports the Daily Star.

59-year-old Michael O’sullivan and 84-year-old Matt Murphy of 30 years were friends and were married in Dublin in 2017. Thus they wanted to avoid paying inheritance tax in the amount of 50 thousand pounds (3.9 million rubles). 22 Dec heterosexual men celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Murphy was diagnosed with dementia. By the end of 2019, his condition deteriorated. Murphy was hospitalized and on Tuesday, January 14, he died in hospital.

O’sullivan urged others to follow his example and said the method is ideal for farmers who want to leave the earth friends and avoid the tax burden. “Many farmers in the country do not marry, but they can be a familiar young male cousins or anyone else who comes to help them on the farm, and they want to leave the land they inherited. But with the farm and it remains a debt in the amount of one third of the cost of land,” he explained.

The man said that initially their marriage was entered into only for the sake of the contract, but later “came and love.”

Earlier it was reported that the man entered into a relationship with an ex-boyfriend of his daughter and plans to have children through surrogacy. He found support in the face of 25-year-old young man when his husband was treated for cancer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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