American found under house “death tunnel”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Chase Cresgy page in Facebook

Resident of the city of Terre Haute (Indiana, USA) accidentally found under his house entrance to the secret tunnel, which he called “damning” (tunnel of murder). About this newspaper The Sun.

Chase Kresge went to check water boiler in the basement and noticed that part of the wall boarded up. “We started to see her and, with effort, eventually managed to open her up,” he told the man. The floor was covered in old debris. One of the branches on the walls were empty shelves.

Currently, it is difficult to determine what exactly used the tunnel. According to the Sun, there could conduct his activity in the underground drug dealers or slave traders. According to others, the house was built 87 years ago and belonged to a rich doctor, a participant of the First world war. Also says a lot about what the tunnel was used for storing coal and other things of the past owner.

The current owner has already recovered from the shock and now has enthusiasm about the secret corridor “to be Honest, at first, I was very frightened, but now I think it’s a really cool part of the house”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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