Apple facilitated the hacking of the iPhone


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Issei Kato / Reuters

Apple abandoned plans to add encryption of cloud storage iCloud. Reuters sources believe that this will facilitate the hacking of the iPhone and the company decided to leave the ideas to implement end-to-end encryption after pressure from the FBI.

The Agency refers to six sources familiar with the situation. According to them, the company more than two years had planned to add a feature end-to-end encryption in iCloud. However, having learned about the plans of the Corporation, the FBI spoke out strongly against the initiative. The Bureau considered that the most Apple will make it more difficult to tamper with iPhone and information on devices of criminals. After the FBI announced its position on the issue, the company curtailed plans to introduce encryption.

Expert Reuters reports that at the moment Apple can provide security services up to iCloud suspects. However, if the Corporation has implemented the encryption, even at all desire would not have been able to hack the cloud storage users. Former Apple employee told the news Agency that the company decided to protect yourself from future lawsuits from the state.

A former employee of the company, Tim cook noted that Apple could roll the project encryption for other reasons not related to the FBI. It is speculated that the company feared that some users might forget the passwords and permanently lose access to encrypted data. According to the Agency, over the encryption feature had about 10 engineers.

Currently, Apple keeps a backup of the users without the encryption. This means that the key for decryption is also stored on the company’s servers, which Apple is obliged to give in case of an official request from the authorities. The company selectively uses end-to-end encryption, applying this technology to messages iMessage and user passwords.

January 15 the President of the United States Donald trump publicly criticized Apple due to the fact that the company does not help the intelligence agencies to unlock the smartphones of suspects and criminals. In 2016, the FBI is required to assist in unlock iPhone shot 14 people in San Bernardino terrorist, but Apple refused.

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