Discovered the ancient gigantic crater on the Earth



Australian scientists at the University kertina found that a giant crater Yarrabubba (Yarrabubba), located in the West of Australia was formed when a meteorite impact 2.2 billion years ago. This makes it the most ancient trace of the fall of a celestial body known. About it reported in a press release on

The exact age of the crater is 2,229 billion years, and it is 200 million years older than any other such place on Earth. It was impossible to determine through the analysis of the minerals found at the scene of a collision: zircon and monazite. The researchers scanned the crystal grains using the SHRIMP technology (eng. Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe) and uranium isotopes calculated the time of the collision.

It turned out that the age of 70-kilometer-wide crater coincides with the completion time of major glaciation, known as the “Earth-snowball.” Traces glacial deposits are absent for 400 million years after a meteorite impact. The disaster has led to evaporation of up to half a trillion tons of ice. Water vapor is a more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, which contributed to the warming of the planet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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