Former special representatives of the USA and the OSCE accused of supporting Ukraine for money


www.vsyako.netKurt Walkergate: Loren Elliott / Reuters

Former US special envoy for Ukrainian Affairs Kurt Volker and former special representative of the OSCE in the Trilateral contact group on conflict settlement in the Donbass Martin Sajdik received money for the support the position of Kiev, said the head of the Public chamber of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Kofman. It is reported Donetsk news Agency.

Coffman accused Sajdik and Walker is that they are rewarded through lobbyist funds and organizations for their unconditional support of Ukraine in the Minsk process.

“We understand why Sidik allows himself openly to take the side of Ukraine, with a Ukrainian government the issue of fulfillment of their obligations under the Minsk agreements”, — said the head of the Public chamber.

According to him, this raises a fair question: should the mediator be considered neutral and objective, if one of the parties to the conflict earns his sympathies with financial rewards. Coffman added that 2014 saw Donetsk from Kiev only actions aimed at the disruption of the peace dialogue: the anti-terrorist operation, the law of reintegration, the language law.

20 Jan former representative of the OSCE in the Tripartite contact group in Minsk, Martin Sajdik called Russia one of the parties to the conflict in the Donbass.

The armed conflict in the Donbass broke out in 2014, when a part of the region came under the control of Ukraine and declared independence. It happened after in Kiev as a result of anti-government rallies, was ousted and fled the country President Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine accuses Russia of occupation of territories of Donbass. The Kremlin denies the accusations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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