Huawei found a replacement for Google maps


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dado Ruvic / Reuters

Huawei has agreed a deal with Dutch company TomTom about using map data. Using TomTom Chinese Corporation to replace Google Maps in their smartphones, reports Reuters.

A TomTom representative said that the deal was closed a few days ago, but the parties were reluctant to disclose this fact. Huawei obtained the right to use TomTom map data in their smartphones — in particular, for navigation and other applications, United by the Android system. The transaction value was not disclosed.

According to the Agency, Huawei also received the right to use the data of the new partner under its own brand. Edition Android Authority believes that this gives Chinese corporations the right to launch its service Huawei Maps, based on maps of the Dutch company.

Along with YouTube, Google Play, Gmail and Google Maps among the services of the American company, which was previously pre-installed on the smartphones of Huawei. After hitting Chinese companies in the sanctions list of the USA Huawei lost the right to use Google services on their devices.

In early January, Huawei was accused of violating the ban on use of Google services. Reporters found that the company was distributing security patches to Android smartphones Huawei, not having the proper certification.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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