Hundreds of strangers attended the funeral of a lonely veteran


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The lone veteran of the Second world war from English city of Horsham, County of West Sussex, worried that there will be no one to bury him but to follow him to the path of hundreds of strangers. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Donald Puttock (Donald Puttock) was called up for military service in November 1943 at the age of 17 and a half years. He arrived in Normandy a few days after the landing of the allied troops, and after the Second world war continued to serve in France, Germany, Tripoli and Palestine. During his service in the army Puttock was awarded the Legion of honor, the highest French award for military and civil merits.

Puttock served in the 12th battalion of the Royal rifle corps. Since 1948 he became a member of the Royal British Legion — the organization of war veterans. The man was worried that there will be nobody to bury him when he dies. Wife of Patoka, with whom he had been married for 63 years, died in 2018, after that the man lived alone. He was supported by the neighbors.

January 7, the veteran died. Representatives of the Royal British Legion together with a neighbor of Pattoki published in the Facebook message with a call to come hold the old man in the last journey with military honors.

As a result, 17 January the funeral of Patoka was a few hundred people. There were so many mourners that they could not fit in the chapel during the funeral service, and some had to wait outside. All those who came and laid poppies on the casket of the deceased, draped the national flag of the United Kingdom and is covered with military medals.

Earlier it was reported that a veteran of the us naval forces lay dead in his apartment three years. The remains of a man found in the kitchen in his apartment, local plumbers, which checked the premises, where water has long been used.

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