Iran has admitted getting two missiles in the Ukrainian Boeing


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The plane “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) was hit by two rockets of a class “earth-air” after taking off from Tehran. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to data of the second preliminary report on the investigation of the crash.

According to him, the missile was launched on a Boeing 737-800 from air defense missile system (ADMS) “tor-M1” from the North. According to the report of the investigation, the plane took off from Tehran airport with an hour delay at 6:12 local time. Three minutes later it disappeared from the radar screens of the secondary observations, and after another three minutes of radar primary surveillance.

The Agency notes that retrieved the flight data recorder and voice recorder of the cockpit are among the most advanced of its kind in the world, and Iran has no means of decoding. The French and the us Agency for aircraft accident investigation refused to send Tehran needed to decrypt equipment.

Analysts had previously said that Iran did not know that my flight was delayed for an hour. The SAM operator was not connected to C4I, automation and intelligence, which he did not have actual data on departures at Tehran airport.

14 January it was reported that Iran sent the black box of the downed plane to France for decoding. The next day, Kiev has asked Tehran’s black boxes. Iran has recognized the impossibility of decoding and agreed to send them. Ukraine will try to decipher the writing with the assistance of experts from France, Canada and the United States, however, in case of failure, they will be sent to Paris.

January 8, passenger aircraft Boeing 737-800 aircraft of the airline “MAU” crashed few minutes after takeoff from Tehran. The Iranian authorities on 11 January reported that accidentally shot down the liner. The commander of Aerospace forces of the IRGC Amir Ali Hajizadeh took responsibility for the crash.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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