Lawyers who shot fellow conscripts demanded to declassify the case


www.vsyako.netRamil of Shamsutdinovich: AP

Lawyers conscripts R. Shamsutdinova, who shot his colleagues in a military unit in Chita region, require the declassification of criminal case. On Tuesday, January 21, the Agency reports with reference to the lawyer of defendant Ruslan Nagiyev.

The lawyer believes that the investigation has no reason to hide the details of the investigation. Protection of the defendant filed an application to the Prosecutor. The rationale is the fact that when extending the measure of restraint, the case was in court and saw him in the office of the, assistant judges, appointed lawyers. According to Ruslan Nagiyev, the restrictions were imposed after he and his partner joined the business.

In October 2019 draftee Ramil Shamsutdinov opened fire on the officers and soldiers in a military unit near Chita. In the result, eight people died and two were seriously injured. The defense Ministry said that the incident could occur because of a nervous breakdown at Shamsutdinova for reasons not associated with the service.

Meanwhile, the father of salimian Ramil Shamsutdinov told about the soldier beaten by older soldiers. According to Shamsutdinova, conscripts were taken to a place where no video cameras were installed in toilet and corridor. As they were subjected to verbal abuse and beatings. The man said that the commanders of the rank and file forced not to sleep at night.

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