Lived 65 years together, the couple died on the same day


www.vsyako.netPhoto: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In a nursing home the us city of Saint Louis, Missouri, died, lived together 65 years, wife. About this newspaper the New York Post.

86-year-old Jack Morrison and his 83-year-old wife Harriet died on January 11, with the difference of a few hours. Their bed was standing next to the couple could hold hands. “I’m sad. But I know that they are now in heaven together — said their niece, sue Wagener. — About their love story you can write a book.”

Jack met Harriet in 1955, when he worked as a bus driver. He noticed Harriet among the passengers and offered dinner on Halloween. “After dinner they had never been separated,” — says Wagener. Less than a year later, on may 5, 1956, married love. They raised two sons, one of whom died in 2007 from pancreatic cancer.

In the house the elderly couple, the Morrisons got a year ago for health reasons. Harriet tripped while walking the dog and broke her thigh bone and pelvis. After a few months Jack fell at home and injured his neck. Recent months, their condition deteriorated, and shortly before his death, they stopped eating and drinking.

The funeral took place on January 15. The couple was buried beside the grave of their son.

In January it was reported that in the U.S. city of Wooster, Ohio, the couple had been married 64 years and died in one day. 88-year-old bill Sarat died in a nursing home on 25 December 2019, approximately at seven in the morning local time. His wife Nancy died four hours later.

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