Meghan Markle was suspected in the original plan to return home from Britain


www.vsyako.netMegan Marketto:

Meghan Markle left some of their things in Canada before moving to the United Kingdom, originally planning to ever return home. It was suspected the journalists of the Daily Mail.

Earlier in the British media spread information about the fact that her entire wardrobe Markle moved to London, becoming the wife of Prince Harry. However, in January, after the rejection of titles and return to Canada, it is several times noticed in old clothes. For example, on 17 January, the former Duchess was photographed driving a car in the Park canadian brand Soia & Kyo for $ 695 (about 42 million rubles), which she wore before marriage on the set of the TV series Suits in November 2017.

A similar observation Royal fans made the 14 January, when Markle visited the women’s crisis centre in Vancouver. To meet with the staff she chose a beige sweater brand The Row. Fans noted that the heroine of the series “Force majeure” Rachel Zane played the Duchess, appeared in the same sweater in one of the episodes.

Left the Royal family Megan Markle ceased to follow the rules of the Royal dress code and returned to everyday style. Pictures of her first release after the failure of the Royal privileges, published online 15 Jan. Users were glad that the former Duchess of Sussex started to get dressed as simply as before marriage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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