Named the best Borodinskiy bread



Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of rye bread and was named the best brand. Copies of test reports are available “”. The test were brands “house of Bread”, “Kolomna”, “22 Bakery”, “Market Crossroads”, “Cheryomushki” and Billa.

Safety test passed all of the tested samples. Only bread brand “Market Crossroads” found a small number of pesticides, but this number, according to experts, harmless to health. In addition, not all samples of food value coincides with the written on the label. So, in the production “22 Bakery” a little less protein, but the fat content is almost the same as the specified one. By results of examination of all samples can be recommended for purchase.

Recipe Borodinsky bread developed in 1933, the Moscow trust bakery. Composed of rye and wheat flour with the addition of coriander and cumin.

In October 2019, the “Roskontrol” summed up the results of the audit of sliced bread. It turned out that the loaves of brands “Wonderful land”, “house of Bread” and “Volzhskiy Pekar” too much fat. The study recommended to buy only products from the brand “Cheryomushki”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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