Orwell’s wife persuaded him to sleep with another woman


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The first wife of British writer George Orwell Eileen O’shaughnessy tried to persuade him to have sex with Brenda Salkeld, with whom he kept up a correspondence. Reported by the Daily Mail on Monday, January 20.

The proposal writer to change with another woman O’shaughnessy allegedly explained that he wants “to be happy”. About this, Orwell himself said in a letter Salkeld. “She wanted me to sleep with you for about two times a year, so I was happy,” the author wrote.

Correspondence Orwell and Salkeld, consisting of 30 letters, was purchased by the writer’s son, Richard Blair. The correspondence between them began in 1936, when Orwell married to O’shaughnessy, and ended in 1949, before he married again — to the editor Sonya Brownell. O’shaughnessy, died in 1945.

George Orwell best known for his dystopia “1984” and the satirical novel “Animal farm.” The writer died in 1950 at the age of 46 years.

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