Reveals the ways to protect themselves from the deadly Chinese virus


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Russian tourists traveling to China should take precautions not to become infected and prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus 2019-nCoV. About how to protect yourself they say on the website of Rospotrebnadzor on Tuesday, January 21.

In particular, travelers are advised to assess the epidemiological situation, to avoid visiting markets where animals are sold or seafood, as well as zoos and any events involving animals. While food should be consumed only those foods that were heat-treated, and bottled water.

In addition, the Russians should regularly use respiratory protection and wash hands after visiting public places. In the case of the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease not to self — medicate, consult a doctor and inform the medical staff about the time and place of stay in China.

In General, the CPS advises to refrain from traveling to Wuhan, where there was an outbreak of the disease, to stabilize the situation.

Previously, the Agency reported that the possibility of delivery to Russia of the deadly coronavirus can not be excluded, but the likelihood of spread is low. It specified that the genetic structure of the virus already known, and is working on the creation of test systems to detect the disease. In addition, all flown in from China passengers visiting with the help of a thermal imager to identify people with fever.

According to the latest data, from 2019 coronavirus-nCoV died six people. There have been 291 cases of infection, most of them in Wuhan. Several cases have been reported outside of China — in Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. It is known that the virus is transmitted from person to person. According to experts, the number of infected could reach 1.7 thousand people. The main symptoms of infection include fever, fatigue and cough with little sputum.

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