Russia has refused to return to Poland taken during the Second world war paintings


Russia has refused to return to Poland pictures, which were taken to the Soviet Union during the Second world war. The Ministry of culture of Russia declared that Warsaw has no legal grounds to demand the return of works of art, reports “the Star” on Tuesday, January 21.

Head of the museums Department of the Ministry of culture Vladislav Kononov said that the issues of restitution and return of the paintings — “this is actually a question of reviewing the results of the Second world war”, which is “out of question”.

“With all related international agreements on this were reached at the Yalta conference in 1945-m to year, then concluded an agreement between the allied powers,” he said.

On 18 January the Polish Embassy in Moscow presented a list of stolen and destroyed by the Soviet Union of items of Polish culture. According to the Embassy, we are talking about seven of the paintings — “Madonna Glogowski” by Lucas Cranach the Elder (stored in the Hermitage), “Madonna with child and parrot in a landscape” by an unknown artist, “Girl with a dove” by Antoine Peng, “the poultry yard” by Daniel Schultz, “Forest landscape” by Jan Brueghel the Elder, “Portrait of Johann the black forest” by Hans Holbein the Younger and “Diptych of Winterfeld”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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