The “ugly” girl with the face of the old woman got a new appearance


www.vsyako.netXiao Feng (center)Photo: Shenyang Sunline Plastic Surgery Hospital

The girl from the Chinese province of Liaoning, which is called ugly because of wrinkled skin and sagging cheeks, got a new appearance. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Xiao Feng was suffering from a rare genetic disorder — progeria. Because of illness, 15-year-old girl was like a old woman was subjected to harassment from classmates. She appealed to the philanthropist Go Mini by writing him a letter. In the message she admitted she wants to live normally, to study to become a doctor and not be afraid of the assessing glances of passers-by.

Minji is raising funds for her treatment, which was estimated at about 506 thousand RMB (4.5 million rubles). The operation took place on 29 December last year under the leadership of 10 surgeons, 3 of the 5 anesthesiologist and nurses and lasted 7.5 hours. Specialists removed the face of the girl of 7 cm of excess skin.

Monday, January 20, Xiao Feng showed the results of plastic surgery at a press conference in Shenyang, Liaoning province. There she first saw her reflection in the mirror after a long rehabilitation. On stage, the girl burst into tears and hugged her parents.

The hospital where she had surgery, did not charge a fee for the treatment. The user wished that Xiao Feng used the collected public money for rehabilitation and future research in the field of medicine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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