Ukraine refused to help the victims of the plane crash in Kazakhstan citizens


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Timur Batyrshin / RIA Novosti

The Ukrainian authorities refused to pay for the flights the victims in a plane crash in Kazakhstan on 27 December. The lack of assistance complained one of the victims Yuri Dream reports “Strenia”.

The dream said that he and his wife “got away” fractures of the spine. Two-week treatment paid by the government of Kazakhstan, while Ukraine sent from the man only said, “If that, please”. Kazakhstan’s government sent the victims to the best specialist who put the correct diagnosis. Kiev also sent a “medium specialist”, that once in contact with your local colleagues, then answered telephone calls and messages.

In addition, the Kazakh government has contributed to the search for the things victims among the ruins of the plane. “From our received nothing but the list of papers for assistance,” said Yuri.

According to the passenger, he and his wife only asked me to help them to return home. Flight “lying down” for two costs $ 12,000, the airline Air Astana have met and have provided a discount of 50 percent on flights.

The Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine stated that, while in a foreign country, citizens must prove inability to pay for the flights themselves. Yuri Dream said that the only way for their family to get into debt and then pay them through rehabilitation after injury.

The plane Fokker-100 airline Bek Air have fallen on houses when you takeoff from the airport of Alma-ATA. Killed 12 people, injured 49. The main cause of the crash is named icing. The test showed that the carrier did not have enough money for parts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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