Wife decided to sell her husband because of the damaged pants


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Facebook

American decided to sell her husband after he ruined her favorite pants. The ad a woman posted on his page in Facebook. This writes the Metro.

Husband decided to wash knitted pants of his wife, and they shrank to baby size. On the published pictures it shows them, shamefully covering his face with his hand. A woman set her husband on sale for $ 111 (about seven thousand), to pay part of the money she spent on the purchase of his ruined pants. The cost of the pants Australian brand Spell Designs $ 199 (12301 rubles), but at the moment they are sold out.

Buyers of men was not, but netizens have supported the American review. “My husband is forbidden to erase any of my stuff after he put the expensive silk shirt in the dryer,” complained one of them. “I think you will be hard to sell it,” joked the second. “In the end, he was trying to help you with household chores,” he defended is guilty of the third.

In July 2019 fiance had sold the house for an engagement ring, but did not guess the choice was criticized by users of the network. One of them joked that the ring looks as “if he was found in a box of corn flakes”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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