Bodybuilder was stuck between cars because broad shoulders


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Chris Goodwin

Because of its size, the British bodybuilder Chris Goodwin (Chris Goodwin) encountered difficulties when using regular Parking spaces. He gets stuck between cars, writes the newspaper Metro.

The man claims that broad shoulders to prevent him to get out of the car when it is parked next to other cars. Because of this, he has to take a broader space for parents with children and endure the comments of others. “I don’t care what others think, I’ll do anything — explains a bodybuilder. I can’t get out of the car — I’m too big!”

Goodwin talked about their problems in the transfer of the UK’s Channel 5. “When someone is parked on the marking line or taking up two seats, it’s annoying,’ he agreed. — But those who need to use the Parking space for parents with children, should have that opportunity without facing condemnation.”

Chris Goodwin weighs 127 pounds and works as a personal coach. He claims that he has twice won the honorary titles at the competition bodybuilders. His dream is to become the star of a reality TV show.

Earlier it was reported that 440-pound Pakistani strongman, Arbab Heather Khayat announced the desire to find a wife, weighing at least 100 pounds. He claims to have rejected more than 200 girls who seemed to him too thin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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