In Russia, the couple made repairs, and died


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Igor Kataev / RIA Novosti

In Kolomna the couple made repairs in the apartment, settled there and died next day. The exact cause of death is unknown. This was reported on the website of the main investigatory management SK of Russia across Moscow region.

The family has repaired their home and went there on January 17. The next day was found on their bodies without external signs of violent death.

The investigators found that the couple redid the system, chimney and geysers in the air ventilation system as a whole. The result was the saturation of the rooms of the apartment with carbon monoxide. For clarification of all circumstances of the case the assigned examiner.

In 2017 the inhabitant of Tula have denounced for death of the woman who rented his apartment. The court found that the 33-year-old landlord failed to properly install a gas column, which led to the poisoning of postality carbon monoxide.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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