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Since the beginning of the year in Russia, a new offshore — the government of Udmurtia introduced a reduced tax rate for entrepreneurs, which first registered the business in the region and operating under the simplified system of taxation. This is stated in the letter of JSC “development Corporation of the Udmurt Republic”, which is in the possession “of the”.

In the first year these businesses will pay one percent of turnover, and the second — three percent. This will allow them to reduce the tax burden in six and two times respectively.

If entrepreneurs choose a system “the incomes reduced by size of expenses”, the amount of bet two of the tax period will be five percent. This solution reduces the taxes three times.

Activity to receive benefits is irrelevant, it can count on both the company and individual entrepreneurs in the current or next year. As noted in the letter, in fact, to transfer business from a different region, it is enough to find a room and make it a legal address.

Also will not be able to benefit companies that are already registered or were previously registered in the territory of the Republic. That is not to change legal address to another region, and then return to Udmurtia and get the benefit. After 2022, a policy of reduced rates of income may be extended if the current regime will have a positive effect.

Offshore the name of the country or territory subject to special conditions of doing business in the first place we are talking about a significantly lower or zero taxes.

In Russia’s offshore zones are created called special administrative regions. So, in Kaliningrad, he operates on the island of October, and in Primorye – on the island of Russian. To register them you need to fulfill a number of requirements. The tax rate ranges from zero to five percent, depending on the situation.

Simplified tax system – the tax regime, which implies a special procedure for the payment of taxes and is focused on small and medium-sized businesses.

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