In the Moscow water Park, a nine year old child was sucked into a drainage pipe


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti

Nine-year-old visitor of the Moscow aquapark “Luzhniki” was covered by a wave and sucked into the drain pipe of the pool, reports REN TV.

The incident occurred toward the evening of Tuesday, January 21. The boy couldn’t escape on their own, suffered abrasions and was scared. At this time, the instructor-lifeguard sleeping at the workplace and therefore did not come to the rescue. The channel notes that this fact is confirmed by employees of the Park and surveillance cameras.

Now the life of the child threatens nothing. He went home with his mother.

Earlier that same day, January 22, the boy was sucked down by the diffuser in the pool of one of sanatoria of Sochi. He had bruises and bruises, he was sent to outpatient treatment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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