In the pond near the house of a wealthy killer found hundreds of human bones



In the pond near the house of a wealthy villager found hundreds of human bones. Writes about this edition of the Bangkok Post.

In early January, police arrested 40-year-old Apicha of Anglesite (Apichai Ongwisit). He’s suspected in the murder of 22-year-old lover, who disappeared in the summer of 2019. During the search of the grave with her remains found near his home in Bangkok. The girl was identified by the tattoo on her back.

After that, one of the witnesses told police about the bodies of other victims of the killer, which can be hidden in the pond. He was familiar with Eguisetum and learned about them two years ago, when they both used drugs. The rich man believed that they are impossible to find, and promised a friend five thousand baht (10 thousand rubles) for every body. He accepted the challenge, pulled from the pond a human skull and miraculously escaped from Enquisite that instead of money pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Thursday, January 16, in the pond, found the skeleton of a man wrapped in clothes and sheets. He was pinned to the bottom with weights and a massive metal object. The next day the bottom of the pond for five hours they searched 20 divers. At a distance of five meters from the skeleton they have found 288 bones. The police did not rule out that under water hidden and the other remains, and other evidence.

Onkvisit admitted that guilty of death of the girl which body have found the first. According to him, he was afraid that she would leave him, so at night locked her in a metal box. In August 2019, he found that she suffocated, and decided to hide the body.

The investigation examines the disappearance of several women who were associated with Eguisetum, writes the newspaper Metro. Among them, his friends, mistresses and prostitutes whose services he used.

Apical Orvisit the son and heir of the businessman, Chalermchai of Anglesite (Chalermchai Ongwisit), which owned the market in Bangkok. In 1983, Chalermchai convicted of the murder and dismemberment of 15-year-old girl, allegedly planned by his wife, mother Apica. Later, his father Apica was shot and his mother fled abroad with his younger sister.

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