Migrants brought from Russia a trillion rubles


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From 2009 to 2018 senders brought from Russia via payment systems 141,4 billion dollars (of 5.64 trillion rubles). The amount of transfers in the reverse direction is equal to 28,76 billion (1.26 trillion), thus, the difference in ten years has exceeded $ 100 billion — 4,38 trillion rubles. These data are received by the company FinExpertiza, the study is in the possession “of the Tape.ru”.

Most often this method is used by migrant workers, but also already established in Russia immigrants from CIS countries and abroad. They send money to their families and relatives.

In the last five years the difference between the financial flows in both directions is reduced. If in 2013 Russia withdrew from 37.2 billion, and Russia sent 6.8 billion in 2018, these figures were 21.8 and 8.6 billion, respectively. Statistics on cross-border transfers, the Central Bank of Russia leads in dollars, so denominated data are calculated using the average exchange rate for each year.

In 2018, most often the money was received by the citizens of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, China, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine. The absolute leader remains Uzbekistan — accounts for 30 percent of shipments.

The payment system is not the only way to withdraw funds from Russia, however, the most popular. Migrants do not like to use banks and they rarely open account and other electronic channels require a certain level of computer literacy or additional identification of the client. Also, the money of the Russian export of cash and using payment orders.

Previously, researchers FinExpertiza has estimated that on average in Russia in the first three quarters 2019 migrant workers sent home via the payment system 422 of the dollar.

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